Franklin Mint Silver Coins

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Franklin Mint Silver Coins
Franklin Mint Silver Coins

The Franklin mint silver coin is one of the most popular coin-like collectibles produced by the Middletown Pennsylvania based company. Franklin mint operates as a private corporation which was founded back in 1960s.

The man behind the formation of the private corporation was Joseph Segal. Generally Franklin Mint productions have been considered in the past to be the choice item for lower income classes. This is the perception held by the majority of Americans.

The early years

The company began marketing its privately minted silver and gold commemorative medallions and rounds. Soon enough it branched out and started producing other various kinds of collectible items. A sharp increase in the value of silver in the 1960s brought all silver coins out of domestic circulation. Some casinos were making use of silver dollars in slot machines which actually became worth much more than a dollar. To its credit the Franklin mint silver coin became the first official replacement of the US silver dollar coin to be used as slot machine tokens.

The Franklin Mint operations

The Franklin Mint factory was a massive production facility with the capacity to produce numerous sets of coins, ingots and theme based medallions. These were sold on the subscription plan where buyers would order a periodic shipment of the various Franklin Mint merchandise.
Although Franklin Mint silver coins are the most popular of all the company’s productions, silver was not the only medium used by the company. In fact the company ventured into producing special coin-like collectables out of various precious and semi-precious metals.

The company made use of various themes on its coin like collectables. From popular art masterpiece themes to important personalities you could find a plethora of different designs of Franklin mint coins.

Limited edition Franklin Mint coins

The fact that the company had a limited production facility resulted in a limited edition collection of Franklin Mint coins. These were highly sought after products even though they were moderately priced especially when compared to the actual costs of silver. The competitive pricing of the coins resulted in huge orders consequently contributing to their popularity.

The company developed other features like custom wood cases and fancy packaging in order to add more value to the collectable items. They even issued certificates with their products that had a great appeal to the collectors. All these factors contributed to the success of the company as the merchandise became extremely popular.

Introducing the above mentioned features had the impact of raising the purchase price of Franklin Mint coins. As the company was introducing these features to make their products silver prices began to rise. The company then had to make use of pewter and bronze to make their products more affordable for the masses. But naturally pewter and bronze did not have the same appeal on the collectors as did silver and hence the new line of collectables did not become as popular as Franklin Mint silver coins.

The true value of Franklin Mint coins

One thing to note is that Franklin Mint makes use of sterling silver which has 92.5% pure silver. In terms of silver you can expect the melt value to be around 80% of the price that you would get for pure silver. The fact that Franklin Mint coins are collectable items however makes them far more valuable than the actual price of silver.


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