Brazil 20000 Reis Gold Coin (Pedro II)

Brazil gold coins
Empire of Brazil 20,000 reis gold coin

Minted 1851 - 1889
Fineness: .917
Actual Gold Content: .5286 troy ounce

Dom Pedro II (Peter II) was born in Rio De Janeiro on December 2, 1825. Upon the abdication of his father in 1831, he ascended the throne at the age of six. He was officially crowned emperor of Brazil ten years later upon reaching adulthood. Peter II gave Brazil 49 years of domestic peace, prosperity and progress, ending his rule in 1889. During his reign "Union and Industry", the first paved road, was built; the first steam-engine started running; the postal stamp was instituted; the submarine wire was installed and the telephone was inaugurated. On that note, an interesting bit of trivia is that Peter II is believed to have been the first Brazilian to speak on a telephone.

The obverses of the Brazilian 10,000 Reis face value and 20,000 Reis face value coins feature the image of Peter II with the Latin legend "PETRUS II.D.G.C.IMP. ET PERP.BRAS.DEF" meaning "Peter II by Grace of God and Perpetual Defender of Brazil". The reverse of each coin shows the Imperial Arms and the Latin Legend, "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES"; translated, "In this sign, you will conquer".


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