Denmark 20 Kroner Gold Coin (Frederik Viii and Christian X)

Denmark gold coins
Denmark 20 kroner gold coin (Frederik VIII & Christian X)

Minted 1908 - 1917
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .2592 troy ounce

The Denmark 20 Kroner is among the most visually appealing and highly sought-after of the pre-1933 European gold coins. Issued from the 1500's, kroner is Danish for 'crown' -- a reference to its production at the king's mint. The gold 20 kroner coins became the fixed standard of value and primary monetary instrument in Denmark, Sweden and Norway under the Scandinavian Coin Union in 1875. It provided the region with fixed exchange rates and monetary stability until it was abandoned at the onset of World War I.

The Coin Union was a reaction to the recurring monetary crisis caused by the undisciplined issuance of paper money. One such crisis led to the public burning of bank notes in 1728. Another in 1814 pushed the country toward inflationary financial collapse and public rioting.


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