Switzerland Confederatio Helvetica 20 Franc Gold Coin

Swiss confederatio gold coin
Switzerland Confederatio Helvetica 20 franc gold coin

Minted 1883 - 1896
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

In 1865, in response to the growing influence over trade and commerce of the Zollverein (the union of the German States), Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Finland entered into what became known as the Latin Monetary Union. The purpose of the union was to establish a uniform decimal weight system for all coinage, modeled after the 20 Franc in use at the time in France, to facilitate free trade. All coins, though not necessarily denominated in francs, were to contain the specific weight of .1867 oz pure gold per 20 units of currency. The Latin Monetay Union remained intact until 1922, coming to an end in the aftermath of World War I. Despite its dissolution, several countries continued to mint coinage by this specific weight into the modern era. The Confederatio offered here represents the first of two coins minted by Switzerland under the Latin Monetary Union.


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