Find U.S. Gold Coins That Fit Your Budget
Find U.S. Gold Coins That Fit Your Budget

Gold coins have been the lure of many coin collectors and coin investors for decades and decades.

U.S. gold coins, which currently range in value from a little more than $100 each to over $10,000, represent many great opportunities for coin collectors. You just have to know a little more about U.S. gold coins before diving into this exciting area of coin collecting.

U.S. gold coins come in many forms, including:

* American Gold Eagles
* Rare U.S. Gold Coins
* Commemorative Gold Coins
* Common, Pre-1934 Gold Coins

There are U.S. gold coins to suit practically any budget.

Perhaps the best gold coins for a coin collector or coin investor on a strict budget are American gold eagles and common pre-1934 U.S. gold coins. These can be had for as little as $100 to $200 each in some cases.

Rare U.S. gold coins cost several thousand dollars but, being rare, bring the owner some potential profit when selling (note the word potential; there are no guarantees in coin investing!)

Commemorative gold coins can be had for under $200 right now; commemorative gold coins are legal tender but not intended for circulation. These coins honor special people, places, and events.
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