Buying Franklin Mint Coins

Franklin Mint Coins
Good To Know: Buying Franklin Mint Coins

You've probably seen the ads on TV, the internet, and in magazines for Franklin Mint coins. The Franklin Mint is highly respected and sells a variety of collectibles, including:

* Painted coins
* Coin sets and coin collections
* Coin jewelry
* Graded and slabbed United States coins
* Old, authentic legal tender coins and banknotes
* Gift sets

While many Franklin Mint coins and products are beautiful offerings that can be pretty hard for some to resist buying, here are a few things you should consider before buying Franklin Mint coins and novelty coins in general:

  • The Franklin Mint does not strike official, legal tender coins.
  • While the Franklin Mint does sell many, many authentic, unaltered, legal tender coins, it also sells many novelty coins.
  • Novelty coins include those which are not legal tender, have been painted, or may have otherwise been altered.
  • Don't buy novelty coins with the expectation of them being significant investments.
  • Coin inset into jewelry or otherwise altered lose most if not all their value as numismatic collectibles and investments.

Franklin Mint Coins
Franklin Mint Coins


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