Mexican Gold Coins - 50 Pesos

Mexican gold coins
United States of Mexico 50 pesos gold coins

Minted 1921 - 1931; 1944-47
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: 1.2057 troy ounce (37.5 grams)

In 1910 Mexico celebrated the Centennial of the beginning of its War of Independence with Spain. To commemorate the event, a giant column was erected in the middle of Mexico City with a statue of "El Angel de la Independencia", "The Angel of Independence", sitting atop. This 6.7-meter statue, constructed of Bronze and Gold, represents the "Winged Victory", a Greek symbol for the goddess Nike (Victory). In her right hand the Angel holds a luarel crown, symbolizing Victory, while in her left she holds a broken chain, symbolizing Freedom.

First minted in 1921, the 50 Pesos gold coin honors the Centennial of the successful end of Mexico's War of Independence. "El Angel" is pictured on the coin opposite the national coat of arms. The Mexican coat of arms depicts the Mexican golden eagle devouring a snake while perched atop a cactus. Interestingly, the 50 Pesos, 10 Pesos, and 5 Pesos gold coins all feature the eagle facing forward, an antiquated version of the coat of arms developed in the French Style in the late 1800's.

Only the 20 Pesos gold coin features the modern version of the coat of arms, with the eagle facing sideways. On the reverse of the 20 Pesos gold coin is the Aztec Calendar, or Sun Stone, likely the most recognizeable symbol of Mexico.

The 10 Pesos coins (as do the 5 Pesos coins) feature Miguel Hidalgo on the reverse, considered to be the chief instigator of the Mexican revolution and the "Father of the Nation". His open defiance for Spanish rule united Mestizos and indigenous peasants in a revolt in 1910, thus beginning Mexico's War of Independence. Hidalgo was caught shortly after beginning the uprising and was executed publicly. His remains are now interred in a mausoleum at the base of the column mentioned above.


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