The Netherlands 10 Guilder Gold Coin (King Willem)

Netherlands 10 guilders gold coin
The Netherlands 10 guilder gold coin (King Willem)

Minted 1875 - 1889
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1947 troy ounce

Holland is most famous in financial history for its Tulipmania in 1637 -- the prototype financial bubble against which all other bubbles will forever be measured. The price of one special, rare type of tulip bulb called Semper Augustus was 1000 guilders in 1623, 1200 guilders in 1624, 2000 guilders in 1625, and 5500 guilders in 1637. Shortly thereafter, the bottom fell out on the market and prices plummeted to 1/200 of their peak price. Not much can be said of King Willem III, thought by most to be an autocratic ruler who received little respect from his fellow monarchs. England's Victoria referred to him as the "uneducated farmer".


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