French Angel 20 Franc Gold Coin

French Angel Gold Coin
French Angel 20 franc gold coin

Minted 1871 - 1898
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

Owning the famous French Angel gold coin has always been considered good luck. Legend has it that an earlier version accompanied Napoleon in his quest to conquer Europe. He carried it in the long march to Russia and back until he finally misplaced it -- the day before the Battle of Waterloo. The coin's designer, Augustine Dupré, held a gold angel as he prayed for his life, catching the eye of his guard, allowing him to negotiate his escape from the guillotine.

"There are literally thousands of stories about the powers of the 'French Angel.' There are stories of people who claim their lives were saved during some tragic event to those who extol its healing powers from terminal cancer and other diseases. I have even found websites where many have told their stories. Never have I seen so much mysticism surrounding a numismatic coin. This is a coin that any collector can enjoy for its beauty, but the stories behind this coin really make it a collectors' must have piece." -- Raymond Hanisco, Coin Collecting Editor, Bella Online

The French Angel characterizes the ideals of the French Revolution. Symbolically, the Angel represents the Spirit of France and he is shown on the coin writing the French Constitution. A rooster symbolizing Vigilance appears next to the Angel. Behind the Angel stands the fasces or bundle of rods -- a symbol of power previously carried by Roman magistrates. On the top of the fasces is the Cap of Liberty, which also appears on U.S. coinage with the same meaning. The slogan "Liberte Egalite Fraternite" appears on the reverse along with the date.


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